Services   Provided

There are three services which I provide. The First is that of Genealogical Research, the Second is a Translation Service and the Third is to assist you in locating relatives still living in the Slovak Republic

Genealogy Research:


While  the name of my Web-site  implies that the research I do is based in Slovakia, I will also do research in various Eastern European countries where records are available. With the initial information you provide to me about your ancestors, I will conduct a preliminary search to determine what relevant sources are available to aid in the specific search of your ancestor's information. Once I have determined that there are promising sources available I will inform you of what results can be expected. At this point if you wish for me to proceed I will begin my research and I will start to compile the information on your ancestors going as far back as possible. Upon completion I will send you a completed Ancestral Report containing your Personal Ancestral Chart, a Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts listing all names and pertinent information on your Ancestors. In addition copies of church records containing baptismal, marriage and death information will also be included in your report. I will keep you posted as to the progress I am making and as to the length of time it will take to complete my research.

Translation Services : 


Slovak :

Slovak translations will be provided by L'udmila Halcinova.  Born and raised in Pol'ov Slovakia, L'udmila is fluent in Slovak, Czech, English . Any documents you wish to have translated should be scanned then attached to an email and sent to me. Once translated, they will be put into Word format and returned to you, attached to an email.

Locating Relatives:

I provide a free Telephone Look-up Service for anyone trying to locate relatives  still living in the Slovak Republic. If you know the Name(s) and the Village(s) of your Ancestors, pass them along and I will try to get addresses and telephone numbers for you.